31 days {second}

In any given season, we are tempted to imagine, think, speculate, meditate on, worry about and mull over everything that we do not know about the times in which we find ourselves. The Preacher {in Ecclesaistes} says that they way forward in our seasons is not found in rehearsing what we do not know {aka. second guessing}, but in remaining faithful to what we do. ~ from Recovering Eden by Zack Eswine

There is not one time in my life that I can think I was relaxed about making a decision or moving forward in something. My mind tends to stay so far into the future that it makes choosing what to do today so crazy difficult. How can one make any choice on anything when one isn’t present in the place that they are in?

There is so much wrong with living in the future. There is no safety there. There is no comfort there.
There is only anxiety and fear and worry and concern and ultimately it is us attempting to be God.
But, God is in the future. He knows it (think Jeremiah 29:11) and He has ordained it. That in itself should be enough and plenty.

I am reminded of the passage in Matthew…there is enough trouble with today, why worry about tomorrow? And that is so true. When I seek to live my life 15 steps into the future wondering what choice to make, I lose so much of today. My responsibility is to the right now and the right here. What is in front of me.

It’s like Dorothy and the yellow brick road. Glenda led her to the beginning and set her on her way. All she had to do was keep step in front of step and keep following the road. She didn’t know where it would lead. She didn’t know who she might meet. She didn’t even really know if that road would take her where she really wanted to go. But if she never moved, if she just second guessed what she was being told to do she never would have gotten home.

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