31 days {a 3 day catch up}

I’m a little behind on my 31 days of writing. Honestly the weekends are just hard to find the time to sit and write. I thought I would challenge myself today to combine the word prompts from the days I had missed.

Taste. Honor. Fear.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Honor him with the words of your lips.
Do not fear for I AM with you.

For years and years I prayed a very specific prayer. After so many years of it not being answered, I didn’t give up praying it, but I didn’t believe it when I prayed it. I just kept on praying and in many ways just tried to take control of the situation myself. I was not honoring the Lord with my lips.

About a year ago I started a “dream big” prayer card for another very specific prayer. There was an area of my life that I knew needed to be renewed. And it was a big prayer. I prayed that prayer card almost daily, thinking in my own way that some sort of spark would fall and the prayer would just be answered in this amazing way. There was a lot of fear involved in this area and I knew that it would take me believing that God could overcome that fear and help me regain trust in an area for Him to begin to answer that prayer.

Then one day this Fall God answered both those prayers.
But the way He answered them was so beyond my comprehension of how He might ever go about answering them. He answered those prayers by exposure, by purging darkness out of a life and honestly His answer to them has involved a lot of pain.

What has happened this Fall has been nothing short of tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.
No matter the darkness.
No matter the pain that has been brought out.
No matter the exposure.
When I focus on what God has done in answering these prayers I am nothing short of amazed at His glory.
He truly does take the downtrodden, the dirty and the bruised and He does make them new.

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