31 days {life}

How’s life?
Such a hard question. Hard to know how to answer it.
Hard to know if you should be honest, or just vague.

There is such a trend now to pursue and engage with one another.
A trend. As if friendship is just something that ebbs and flows with the culture.
I see us as women opening up tremendously in so many ways. We are encouraged to be almost brutally honest about how our children drive us crazy, how we don’t want to make supper every night, how mad we are that our husbands didn’t notice to take out the overflowing trash or just the next big cause we all need to get involved with.

But I’m beginning to wonder if that is really helpful?
When I first started blogging and wandering around the internet it was a welcome thing to know that there were other women out there learning how to be wives and moms. But as I’ve watched social media explode and blogging become more of a platform and less of an expression, I have felt myself become more and more depressed and not encouraged. Depressed because we are all seeking that affirmation that life is going to be ok.

But that’s the trouble. We are all looking for affirmation in the wrong place. Our hearts, our lives and every up and down that we go through will only be affirmed through looking to who we are in Christ. I say this to myself every minute of the day…my affirmation need only come from Him. When I look for it in other places I will never be satisfied and my life will never be full.

So how’s life?

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