31 days {away}

I’ve made a lot of acquaintances in the virtual world that live literally all over the world. I open up my instagram feed only to see pictures of places in England, Australia, Alaska and who knows where else. Between these glimpses of life elsewhere and us praying about moving overseas I have an amazing wanderlust. A desire to see the world and live in the world. It was one of the things that broke my heart the most when we decided we needed to pause our missions application.

But I read a great quote the other day by Emily Freeman: There are no greener grasses, only different lawns.

While I know that we really were following the Lord’s leading with our missions application, I have to admit there was a part of me that thought life would be better, less complicated somewhere else. My husband and I moved a million different times before we settled in a house for longer than 2 years. It’s like around year 2 or 3 we start to get this itch that we need to move on. There’s a piece of this that I think goes along with the call God has placed on our hearts to follow Him…maybe even overseas, but there’s also a piece of this that is called discontent.

When we bought the house we live in now, we were amazed at where God had planted us. He truly did give us so many of the desires of our hearts…proximity to schools, living in a park, an old house to restore and we are still 4 years later amazed. The kids and I walked around the neighborhood last night and I was swept over with the idea of them really, truly growing up here. Knowing the same people in our little community from first grade on and what a gift that is in this day and age. But that whole “no greener grasses” thing is so true. While the Lord did give us so much of what we had longed for, it’s still tainted. It’s still crazy hard. The school situation isn’t working great for our daughter and remodeling a house with only one major income is crazy difficult.

The fact remains we are where we are for the day that we are there. While we should long for the future and what God is going to do there, we have to stay focused on today. We can become so overwhelmed by letting our minds slip away into the what if, or where or whens. And no matter what grass your standing on, be it in East TN or be it in Germany…it’s still just another lawn.

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