31 days {rest & work}

Rest and Work.
Some days it feels like so much more than they other. But our lives are meant to be a mix of both.

My bible study is going through the book of Ecclesiastes and one of the things we’ve been talking about is how work isn’t a bad thing. Before the Fall, God gave Adam a job to do. He set them in the Garden with a purpose. We so often get the idea that work = bad but it’s only because of the Fall that our work became our toil.
We are all searching for that one job or one opportunity that will make our lives here meaningful. For the perfect job. For the dream position.
But to be honest, that’s never going to happen.
As much as I sit in wonder at the job that I do every day to provide a little money for our household, it’s still never going to be that Eden-like position.
I constantly struggle with what I should be doing. How I can bring more money in? How I can be more successful with my shop? Maybe I should go back to school and do something else.
In all of these questions, I am searching for the wrong thing.
When my mind gets overwhelmed with the who’s and what’s and how’s I need to come back to the question of who God is in my life. In all the things I’m doing right now and today I need to do nothing more than seek who He is and how to glorify Him.
My identity and purpose for any work I do isn’t found through an internet search or another order or a successful market, but in knowing more and more of Him.

And rest comes for my weary spirit when I stop searching in the wrong places and sink my soul into Him.

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