five minute friday {care}

Cast all your cares to the wind…
Cast all your cares onto the Great Shepherd…

Care to me is a release of something. It’s like we always read of giving up our cares. We aren’t supposed to carry them around like a burden. We throw them out there because we aren’t meant to handle them. While I think so much of this is true, that we like Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress do carry our burdens like a trophy, there are times that we aren’t meant to just toss our cares aside.

When we too quickly toss away the thing that is burdening us, we give up the opportunity to embrace that disquieting thing. We give up the chance to wrestle and pray.
We can be trite with our struggling friend when we just offer up the words that you just need to give those up to God. Our sins are deep and entangling and there are times we have to wrestle to set them free. There are times that the hurt and pain is so deep that we can’t just toss it like a whiffle ball…it’s more like trying to throw a bowling ball.

We can care for others and care for ourselves when we realize that letting go of our cares doesn’t just happen like confetti in the wind. Sometimes it’s a day by day…minute by minute struggle to release tiny bits.

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