31 days {go and say}

Months and months ago, my husband and I started a process of answering a call that we both had felt the Lord had placed on our hearts years and years ago. We decided that instead of just talking about this calling we felt, we would act on it.

In our marriage we tend to discuss and discuss and it takes a while for us to finally move. A lot of the time we blame that on finances (we don’t have the money) or time (not enough of it) or our children (they need such and such) etc. We say all sorts of excuses and in many ways ignore what God might be pressing onto our hearts.

Since before we were married and really even met, we both felt a huge desire to go overseas with missions. We’ve talked about it in phases throughout our nearly 18 years of marriage, but it wasn’t until last spring that we finally decided to start the process to go.

We didn’t know where the process would lead us. We walked into the process saying to God that we would go wherever He sent us; even if He sent us right where we were. We spend the next 4-5 months filling out paperwork, talking with a small network of friends and prayer partners and praying ourselves.

Only to lead us to a massive stop. I struggled for many weeks with the idea that God would call us to GO and to act on this calling only to lead us to a dead end. Because that is what it felt like. I said to the Lord that there is no way He could continue to lead us to follow Him because of the sin that was so entangling in our lives at that moment.

But in the weeks after, I have come to realize that just because God calls us to go, no matter where we think it might be leading, it’s ok to have some stops along the way. I can look now and praise God for how clearly He has said to me “do not give up hope”. We did say to God that we were willing to go wherever He led and also whenever He led.

It reminds me of Christian and his journey in Pilgrim’s Progress. How many stops did he have along the way? So, so many. Some for rest, some because of his sin and poor choices, some for helping and leading others and some for gathering up others to walk the journey with him. In the end, he entered the edge of the Celestial City overwhelmed with friendship and a heart bursting with lessons learned about the goodness of the King.

So, that’s what I’m learning. To keep plugging along. Keep walking through the hard stuff. To keep going and saying to the Lord that “I am His and He is mine –
Bought with the precious blood of Christ.”

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