tipsy tuesday {pulling thread}


Figuring out how to pull your thread from a brand new skein can sometimes make you want to pull your hair out (see what I did there? ha!) Sometimes it turns out beautifully like the white skein still in it’s wrapper on the far left. Other times it ends up completely unraveled and in a huge knot of thread, see the middle example. And then other times I try my hardest to keep the wrappers on it (so I know the thread color number) and it ends up like the blue thread with a huge knot in the middle. Ugg!

Nicole at Follow the White Bunny did an awesome experiment with three different brands of floss trying to figure out which end to pull from. They were all different (go figure) but what a super helpful experiment! I generally use dmc so I have to ingrain in my head to always pull on the number end. Go check out the results!

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