five minute friday {because}

Because always makes me think of why.
It makes me think of my children who are always wanting to know why when I give them an answer. Especially an answer that they don’t like.
Last night the oldest gets frustrated because I say no.
I say no and he wants to know why.
But that isn’t good enough.
There has to be a better reason than because.

But sometimes that’s all there is.
God has been gracious to me in that many times I get more than just because.
He has often shown me the movements that He has made in my life and I’ve been able to actually see the why and the because.

But other times I don’t know the why.
I have to be o.k. with just because.
I have to be o.k. with the trust that He’s got this.
The same as my children have to know that I’ve got them and their best interest at heart.
Because is unknown.
Because is open-ended.
Because is moving ahead or staying put and never really knowing why.
Because is trusting in the One who created, redeemed and is restoring.

Because of love.
Because He loved me with an unstoppable love.
And that’s more than just because.

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  1. This is beautiful and so very true. Because can be so open-ended, and sometimes all we get because thatโ€™s all we need to know. Love these thoughts and your beautiful place here! Glad to be beside you on FMF this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

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