running and life

I’ve recently started running a couple of times a week. While I pretty much hate it, I’m convinced that the purpose of running is mainly to provide great metaphors for life. Today was a perfect example.

Our home is situated right inside an amazing park. My typical running day routine consists of me walking the kids to school and then instead of heading home, heading towards the greenway that runs through the park. It’s about a 2 mile run from where I start back to my house. I started out walking more than running and I’ve gotten a pretty good routine of walking some of the larger hills (of which there are 2) and running all the rest. I know where the smaller hills are and I know exactly how much I have to go before I get to walk again. It’s a battle of pushing myself and also knowing that I’ve done it millions of times already so I know I can do it.

Today was a hard day. I knew starting out that my body was not going to cooperate and it was going to be a good mental battle to keep going. There is one long stretch of running I do at the very end. It’s probably about half a mile (although it feels like 10) and I’ve run it successfully at least half a dozen times. But every time I have to battle those voices telling me to stop running, it’s too much, you need to stop and walk etc. So I have to remind myself that I’ve done this, I’ve run this path, I’ve run as far (and a couple of times farther) and I can make it.

I realized that this is my daily battle in life.

My husband and I are walking through the hardest battle that we’ve ever been in. While some of the hills we are climbing up aren’t new ones, there are some parts of this journey that we haven’t been through before. This is where that running analogy comes in.
We’ve been through some tough stuff. I’ve been through some tough stuff and
every. single. time. God has come through for me and for us.

But it’s a constant, minute by minute battle to stay on the course, to keep going, to stay hopeful and rest in the promise that I’ve walked this (or run this) before and will get through it.
Stronger than I was and full of more and more of His grace.

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