five minute friday {ready}


So this blog has sat silent for a ridiculous amount of time. I stopped for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I was tired of writing and putting myself out there in some crazy cloud/blogosphere. But things lately have made me realize that my stopping writing and my stopping journaling has really shrunken my soul. It has in many ways contributed to my sense of lost-ness and confusion.

When we don’t have a way of letting out the things we put in we just become stuffed and full. And eventually things do start to come out, but maybe not the things we had hoped. It’s not that I’ve been stuffing myself with bad or wrong things…but all the negative thoughts I struggle with and even the scripture I cling to combat it are in some ways meaningless to me if I don’t let them out. If I don’t process them and just let them simmer inside.

So I’m ready. I’m ready to come back to letting out the thoughts and things that linger and simmer and are stuffed up in my head.
I’m ready for Jesus to come in and start cleaning out all the negative and emptying me out so that I can be filled with nothing but His goodness.
And not overfilled…but ready to be overflowing and poured out for His good.


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