tipsy-tuesday {needle threaders follow up}

A few Tuesdays back I shared my low-cost solution to threading needles in my sewing classes using floss threaders. I thought that I would share an update on how that’s going…primarily because it’s a mixed bag of results.

For the most part, I like using the floss threaders because they are cheap and if they break or get lost it’s not a big deal to pass off another one. I have run into issues of them not fitting through the eye of every needle. I think it’s a mix of the thickness of the floss threaders and sometimes the eye of the needle not being exactly the same from needle to needle.

Some of my girls have had a hard time with the floss threaders, so I’ve passed off a few of the Loran needle threaders that we used last year. I’m still not sure that these are my favorite either.

But, this past weekend I taught an Introduction to Embroidery class and while I was gathering up supplies I came across these threaders at Michael’s and thought I would give them a whirl.


I have to say that so far, these are my favorite. They are much simpler to use (and fit well within my class budget) and they seem easier to hold and I’m excited to try them out with my little girls this week.

Who knew the world of threading needles could be so complicated!

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