tip-sy tuesday {organizing embroidery projects}

One of the things I fail greatest at is keeping track of and recording the details of my embroidery projects. When I first started out designing, purchasing and printing patterns I quickly realized I was going to have to come up with some way of keeping track of just the patterns themselves. At that time I wasn’t even thinking about keeping track of the thread colors I used or the fonts I used when designing a pattern.

The first thing I used to organize all my patterns was simply a large binder with plastic sleeve protectors in it. I tried using dividers to section out my patterns, from stitch-alongs I was doing and cross-stitch patterns. When I started doing all my applique projects it also became necessary for me to have pockets to keep the letters that I was using from falling out.


I quickly grew tired of going through this notebook and decided that I would try file folders instead. I sorted out my patterns and this is pretty much how I’ve functioned that last while. When I remember, I write down the fonts I’ve used and the thread colors, but honestly it’s a battle to remember.

IMG_6819 IMG_6820

A few months back I discovered an amazing stitcher named Kimberly Ouimet and immediately started following her on flickr. She designs and stitches just beautiful work and one day she posted a photograph of her embroidery planner on flickr and I immediately grabbed it up. It’s a fantastic tool to use for organizing projects. There are places to write notes, thread colors and more. I want to get into the habit of designing or printing a project and then attaching this to the pattern. It’s one of my long term goals especially for 2015. (note: she also has a version for knitters…check it out!)

IMG_6818 IMG_6817

How do you organize your projects for future reference? Any tips for this lovely Tuesday?

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