throwback thursday {notes from the archives}

Every Thursday (that I remember) I’m trying to pull from my years of archives. It’s fun and yet scary to read back through years of my life via this little blog. It shows all the many roads the Lord has taken me on and makes me realize how crazy it is that I’m making some sense of a living sewing. Today I bring you a repost on a stuffed doll I attempted to make back in August 2009. I think it’s the last time I attempted to make a stuffed anything. Enjoy

Whimsey Dolls

Every time I attempt to make a stuffed doll it all comes back to me why I never try to make stuffed things. Nevertheless, I tried this doll once. Gave up.

Whimsey Dolls: flowers

Tried her again.

Whimsey Dolls: Cat

And seriously don’t know if I’ll have it in me to make another.

But the chick loves hers and hopefully our little birthday recipient will like hers too come Sunday.

p.s. the pattern isn’t mine. It is from bitofwhimseyprims etsy shop. Hers are much cuter! 🙂

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