pattern review: 241 tote

I bought this pattern for the 241 tote by noodle-head months ago because I was desperate for a new bag. It has been sitting in my inbox for way to long and Friday I decided come heck or high water I was going to get it stitched up.

I didn’t want to buy any new fabric for it so I went digging in my stash for yardage that had just been sitting and waiting for too long. I bought this Heather Ross Far and Away fabric like 4 years ago to do curtains in our now demo-ed basement. I love this fabric and just couldn’t see it laying there anymore. I grabbed up a couple of others from the stash and got busy cutting the pattern out.

241 tote by noodle-head

There are a fair amount of pieces to this pattern, but it’s pretty easy to see what you need and where things will fit together. The hardest part is figuring out how you want to piece all the different fabrics together! You can add zipper pockets to the front or leave them off; which I left off mostly because I hate zippers and also because I was trying to make do with what I had in the studio.

241 tote by noodle-head

My favorite part of this whole bag is the top-stitching. It’s funny how something as simple as adding a second row of top-stitching can give a bag or garment that extra something. I really think for me that it gave this bag less of a home-made look and more of a professional one.

241 tote by noodle-head

This is a great pattern and one in which I realized my laziness of basting came to haunt me. The directions tell you to baste your straps down…which of course I didn’t. I just pinned them like I usually do (because I am lazy and I hate basting and having to pull the basting out) and I ended up having to fix one of the straps after I flipped it because it was not only crooked but off center. Note to self: basting is better than tearing out seams.

241 tote by noodle-head

Overall, it’s a fabulous pattern that makes the perfect size bag! While I wouldn’t say it’s a great bag for total beginners, it is a good pattern for those with a basic knowledge of how to construct a pattern. I totally love it and have gobs of ideas of ways I can make more and throw a splash of embroidery on the front. Thanks for a spectacular pattern Anna!!

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