walk on. be free.

I’ve had the joy of stitching up a host of wedding shoes over the last year. It was a new venture and I’ve loved each opportunity to stretch my creative and stitching muscles.

Embroidered "toms"

Recently I was approached about removing the tag from the back of a pair of TOMS and stitching some words at the heels. I decided to do a little test of my own on my pair of faux TOMS and see what it would be like to stitch back there.

Embroidered "toms"

These aren’t my wedding shoes, so I wanted to put some meaningful yet fun words on the back. I came up with “walk on” and “be free”.
I tend to stagnate in life and get overwhelmed by discussing and hashing out all the details before even making a decision; so “walk on” is my reminder to not get stuck and to just keep moving. Sometimes, well actually many times in life, a decision is hashed out by actually walking through it instead of just talking about it. When we do keep moving that’s where “be free” comes in. Freedom comes from moving in faith. I love the words by Mark Buchanan: “faith is utter dependency, yet daring initiative.”

Embroidered "toms"

So, here I go.

Walk on.
Be free.

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