happy 60

My aunt and uncle are getting ready to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. As much as we tried to make it happen, a trip to California wasn’t in the cards for us to help them celebrate in person. So my parents are delivering a special gift from me…

Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

I took my little family people and this newspaper clipping and stitched up the happy couple.


Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

They are stitched with a combination of rayon floss and cotton floss and I added some beads for my aunts pearl necklace and her veil headdress.

Her wedding flowers were sweet peas and gladiolas. So I tried my hand at stitching up a gladiola on the bottom and stuck with her colors of salmon/peachy and yellow for the rest of the little flowers.

Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

Here’s to 60 years Uncle Bob and Aunt Lillian!

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