when oceans rise…

Oceans Hillsong version2

It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through the month of May already. May is always so cram packed full that I feel like I’m living almost a week ahead trying to prepare myself for what is next.

One of my favorite projects in the past few months has been this set of lyrics from the song Oceans by Hillsong United. It’s funny in some ways because they play this song on the radio all.the.time and there was a point where I was really getting that overplayed annoyance with it. Then one day I heard this acapella version on Relevant and it kind of took me aback. I’m sure I’ve posted about it already on the blog lately, but it just keeps hitting me over and again.

Oceans Hillsong United Version 1

This first half of 2014 has been amazing for me and my little etsy shop. I feel like after running this shop for going on 3ish years now I’ve learned so much and I’m so much more confident in what I’m doing. There are weeks that are hard, conversations that are tough, but the growing and stretching experience for me has been life-changing. I’m continually overwhelmed by the increase in traffic, increase in sales and just the awesome and humbling comments I get from customers. Every day I count myself lucky and amazed that I am able to do the thing I love and it’s truly a blessing to me and our family.

That said, our family is riding some interesting ocean waves lately and we are working hard to keeping our eyes above those waves and steady on where we are and where the Lord might take us. I am planning on taking a good bit of vacation from the shop in June and hope to do some major planning and product development for the next half of the year, work on the next step for The Crooked Stitch (which I think will involve some e-courses…fingers crossed!) and just work on some projects of my own. I’ve completely dropped the ball on my One Little Word journal, I’ve got a whole slew of things I’m hoping to work on to stretch my sewing muscles and honestly I need some good, quiet time with my kiddos without distraction.

So if you journey to my little etsy space in June and see the shop is closed up you have lots of other options to keep up with what’s happening in the daisyeyes household. I am totally becoming addicted to instagram (my handle is @daisyseyes) and I still post pretty frequently to facebook too. If you aren’t a social networker I do hope to post project updates on the blog throughout the summer and will for sure keep up with my what I’ve been into posts.

Here’s to a happy May and an adventurous summer!

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