into the darkness

Sarah Williams stars poem

I feel like I’ve almost started having an obsession with star oriented quotes. I’m drawn to words about the darkness and to designing art that expresses those words. But not in a morose or depressed sort of sense.

Coldplay stars quote. Custom grey and yellow

You know when you are in a dark room in the midst of a thunderstorm and suddenly lightening lights up the room?

mini star hoops

Or sometimes you are asleep and your crazy husband wakes up and flips on the light because he’s having his repetitive “bugs are crawling on me dream”? (maybe not this one)

Mini hoops

Where my husband and I sit right now in our life is like sitting in darkness. But not a hopeless, lonely, oppressive sort of darkness. Just a lost sort of darkness.


Like there is just enough light to show us where to keep prodding along. Or the days when it seems super dark, the light flashes just enough for us to see that we are still on the right path, still walking in the right direction and just enough to know that we aren’t going to walk into a wall in the next few steps. Just enough light to keep us moving.

I am learning that there are seasons in our lives where we can be in the darkness and still be o.k. It’s a faith-building sort of darkness. Like those camp activities where you have to fall backwards into the arms of your campmates and trust that they really are going to catch you. It’s keeping on with keeping on and knowing that the way is before you and there is One who knows the deepest darkness like we will never know it walks along with us. And through Him, “the darkest nights do produce the brightest stars”.

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