what I’m into {february 2014}

I’m so behind on this one. If January moved like a snail half-asleep, then February was like a cheetah on speed. Seriously. I think I looked around one day and realized that there were like 4 days left until March.

This will be short and sweet…

We watched the bbc/pbs version of Mansfield Park one night when we didn’t really want a movie, but wanted to watch something more than a sitcom. It was, um, not good. Not even sure how we made it through the whole thing.
I took the kids to see The Lego Movie on Presidents Day and it was awesome (because “everything is awesome”…sorry couldn’t resist). Actually it was a pretty great movie. It’s from the same people who did How to Train Your Dragon and honestly it’s got a good subtle message too. In the end, I love the idea that you can take your legos and follow the directions, but you don’t have to be a “purist” and keep them that way forever (unless you built the Millinium Falcon and you can’t take that apart…ever).
The husband and I started watching House of Cards and then decided to stop. I love Kevin Spacey and while it took me a few episodes to get into it, I started liking it and then we got a little conscious of what was happening in the show and decided against watching it.
I’m watching 24 on Netflix in the afternoons while I sew. Honestly, I think it’s silly and the acting is really subpar, but it’s easy to watch and do something else while you sew.

read and reading
I read House of Riverton by Kate Morton and I really liked it. I did see so many simalarities between it and Downton Abbey and it was hard not to imagine the house being like Downton either. I read the second in the line of Divergent (Insurgent) and still am anxious to see the movie. I do think I like this series better than Hunger Games. I tried to read Cooked, by Michael Pollen. This is the second time I’ve tried to read him and I just struggle!
I started reading Circle of Quiet which is an autobiography by Madelieine L’Engle and I do like it (even though I’ve never read any of her books!)

It’s Lent so I started listening to our old church’s Easter album again. There’s nothing else that sets my heart towards Easter and our kid’s just love it too. I added Echosmith and Greg Laswell to my ever growing Spotify playlist while I work.

fun things
~ We took the kids to the circus in February. It had been on my bucket list for years to take them and we finally had a little cash to do it. It was fun and I’m glad to mark that one off. It was funny to watch the circus as an adult. It seemed so much smaller!
~ My etsy shop exploded last month and I had over 3000 hits. I’ve never had a month like that. It translated into a good amount of orders and I was humbled by the conversations, comments etc that came from it.
~ Momastery had a great series on being real that was good and interesting to read.
~ I’ve fallen in love with the online and print magazine Relevant. I could link you to a million articles I read on there last month I loved.
~ Lent started and we had fun celebrating and talking about Fat Tuesday. I made a king cake for the first time (yet another thing to cross off my bucket list) and shared it with our community group. For Lent, I wrote a little about it here, but ultimately I’m working on discipline and stopping myself when I’m seeking distraction. I started reading The Power of Habit and am loving it. Honestly couldn’t be a more timely book to read.

What were you into last month?

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