one word


One of my goals this new year is to give myself some structure to my days. Working at home is something that I’ve come to love and appreciate so much, but there are days that it is so hard to get myself going and stay focused and organized. One of the ways I hope to provide a little structure to my days is to do some education sorts of things. I guess I’ll consider it continuing education for the stay at home worker mom etc.

Last year I started out the year with one word: unrelenting. That’s about all I can tell you about that word. After that one post I never really thought about it again. This year I want to be different. I’ve long admired Ali Edwards and after reading this post by Deborah of Whipstitch I decided to take a head first jump into my first 2014 goal.

Ali has a year long workshop focusing on your one word and I am excited to be a part of it. So look for posts throughout the year sharing my journey with that one word. And let me know if you decide to join in with me!

So what’s my one word?
Honestly I’m still sitting on that one. Stay tuned!

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