what I’m into {november 2013}

If there was ever a month that I feel like just past by in a blur it would be November.  I swear I feel like Halloween was last week; not Thanksgiving! Wow.

I’ll start with What I’m Reading
Currently on my various table-spaces I have
~ The Hobbit (we are big LOTR fans in this house and are eagerly anticipating the next Hobbit movie so I finally had to break down and knock this one out).
~ I am finishing up The King’s Cross by Tim Keller. This hasn’t been the knock-out that I was hoping for, but it has been good. While I’ve listened to many a Keller sermon and even heard him in person once, I’ve never read one of his books.
~ I started Practice Perfect by Doug Lemov and I’m loving it!
In November, I finished reading
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I really enjoyed this book and hope to get a review up sometime soon.
Blind Justice by Anne Perry. I love Anne Perry, but this was not my favorite of hers at all. It was seriously lacking so much that I can’t even write about it.

In the world of movies and T.V...
As a family we watched an old Disney film called In Search of the Castaways. It was hokie and we were hoping it would be somewhat like Swiss Family Treehouse but alas it wasn’t.
my husband and I watched The Impossible. It is the story of the great tsunami in Thailand years ago. It was crazy amazing and while it is hard to watch in places, I highly recommend it. The story alone is so remarkable…and it’s true!
I’m still holding fast to Chicago Fire on T.V. and I’ll always be a loyal Parenthood fan. After such a great Parenthood season last year, I’m a little depressed about this season. It almost seems like they are carrying too many story lines and aren’t really able to wrap any of them up.

photo 1

On a personal front…
I took the plunge this past month and dyed my hair for the first time in almost 40 years of life. I got some major highlights and I am loving it. Now if only I could afford to maintain it!

photo 4

I finally painted my dining room/studio and wow what a difference. It’s been the mossy-seafoamy green that I am so crazy tired of and I’m so, so happy to have it done!

And now some crafting...

photo 6

We have a big birthday coming up in a few weeks and this weekend is my girl’s first “real” friend birthday party. Holiday birthdays are so tough and I’m just praying that we have a few friends show up!

photo 2

I hosted a guinea pig sewing day with a bunch of girl’s. It was a blast and I look forward to where this might take me in the future with teaching sewing classes.


I  have my last craft market of the year this weekend (nothing like a weekend with 3 holiday parties and a market all in one weekend!) I’m hoping to finish out this year strong. It’s been such an amazing year.

photo 8

Advent started this past Sunday and I finally got around to spending the money on some good candles for an advent centerpiece While we hope to do some readings from this book and this book every day, we are holding ourselves strongly to lighting the candles and reading on Sunday nights.

In the Kitchen…
I broke down in October and purchased this crazy huge e-book bundle. I’ve made a handful of great recipes from the book by Katie Kimbell of Kitchen Stewardship. And for Thanksgiving morning I made this amazing cinnamon roll bread. Super, super easy and so, so yummy!

That’s about all I can manage to think about right now! Hope your November was as amazing and fun as mine was!

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6 thoughts on “what I’m into {november 2013}

  1. I’ve been meaning to read King’s Cross since it came out. I heard Keller speak while he toured in support of the book and I added it to my To Read list straightaway. I can’t believe you’ve never dyed your hair before! I swear I tried almost every color when I was in junior high.

    1. Love Keller…and really love him more in person rather than reading.
      and yes…I’m afraid I’ve been a bit bitten by the hair coloring club! It came to me late, but better now than never 🙂

  2. Oh my! I love The Impossible. I went to Thailand this summer and watched it before I went. So moving and important to understanding the people and some of the challenges they have faced.

  3. I’ve never read Keller, either; like you’ve I’ve listened, but not read. We’re actually moving to NYC in a month and Redeemer is on our “to visit” church list!

    1. oh how awesome…moving to NYC!!!
      I’ve heard Keller in person once and I kept trying to take notes but gave up because he just says too many quotable things. Just had to sit and take it all in! 🙂 Can’t imagine how awesome to worship at Redeemer!

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