what I’m into {october 2013 edition}

So, since I’ve become incredibly non-existent on the blog as of late, I’ve decided to at least hold myself accountable to one post a month…that is the “what I’m into…” link along series. I discovered it via the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog (which I previously shared and love) and link up with Leigh Kramer who hosts the series.

October has been a crazy month for me. I’ve been covered over with etsy orders; which has been amazing, encouraging and overwhelming. I prepped for one big market in October (another mini-bust) and am prepping now for 2 upcoming holiday markets. We counted the weekends that we had nothing this month and there wasn’t any. Then we counted the weekends in November we had nothing and we don’t stop until Thanksgiving. Whew! I need a vacation!

What I’m Reading…

I flew through a few books this month. Guess that was how I alleviated the stress! I started out the month flying through House of Tides, puttered through Bel Canto, was completely enamored with The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and now I’m working my way through an Anne Perry mystery novel. I’ve loved her books for years, but this one is taking some time to get into. In the non-fiction world, I started reading Nurture by Nature, finished reading The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan and finally started reading The King’s Cross by Tim Keller.

What I’m Watching…

Fall TV is back in full swing and it’s made up for all the long hours I’ve been in front of my sewing machine or with my hoop. I’m still in love with Parenthood, although this season has seemed to lack a little bit compared to years past. Chicago Fire was one of my favorites last season, but this season has had some things in it that have frustrated me a little bit. I’m trying to love the Michael J Fox show…but I’m not sure I do. I’m caught up on The Paradise from PBS Masterpiece and in the afternoons I’ve been rewatching Little Dorrit from PBS back in 2008. By far the most disturbing thing I’ve watched was The Bletchley Circle. Whew, that one freaked me out a little bit and I watched it in the middle of the day!

In my kitchen…

I’ve pulled a bunch of recipes this off pinterest this month and all of my crock pot ones have been failures. Something about chicken in the crock pot all day does not make this family want to eat supper.  I did try another bread recipe, King Arthur’s Whole Wheat Oatmeal Honey bread. It made super great toast, but not so great sandwich bread. Back to square one. The newest thing in my kitchen is this..

20131030-201019.jpga sweet industrial cart kitchen island! We found it at the Nashville Flea Market. Best find ever!


random fun moments…


The highlight of our month was chasing butterflies up in the mountains. I yanked the kiddos out of school and we journeyed up to the mountains and ran after butterflies hoping to snag a monarch. We do lots of volunteer work with the Tremont Institute in the Smoky Mountains and they are part of the North American monarch project.  Basically as the monarchs migrate down to Mexico they are allowed to catch them and tag them. We caught one this year and got to see it tagged. Super cool! It was an amazing day!

on my hoop…

My hoop has been super busy this month. I’ve done more embroideries than I can even remember and I’m still going. A few highlights…

another chanel embroidery with a vintage button necklace



a new “blessing” embroidery for a repeat client…always makes a girl feel good!


How was your October?

4 thoughts on “what I’m into {october 2013 edition}

  1. I love The Forgotten Garden! Kate Morton is the best. Your kitchen island cart is a fabulous find and from the flea market no less. Love the Chanel quote!

    Thanks for linking up with What I’m Into!

    1. thanks for visiting!
      the forgotten garden is just enchanting. Trying to get my hands on another one of her books from the library but they are always checked out!
      hoping I can link up monthly! thanks for hosting!

  2. I started Bel Canto, but it didn’t pique my interest right off the bat. I set it aside to try again later. 🙂 I adored The Forgotten Garden – so far it’s my favorite of Kate Morton’s books! What beautiful embroideries! I wish that I had your talent! Hoping that you have a most blessed November 🙂

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