You see that? It’s pure joy and abandon. It’s a fear my baby has overcome this summer and even though my heart still jumps a little when she jumps, I smile wide every time.

But then last time we were there, she asked to try the medium height board and I totally discouraged her. Why? Because I was afraid.

Today she asked again and was up on that board with her brother before I could jump up and try and stop her.




And then she stood on the end of that board for.ev.er. Her little legs were shaking and her momma’s heart was shaking and oh man I wanted to tell her to get off there so bad.  After at least her fourth trip to stand at the end of the board, other people started hollering at her with us… sweetly encouraging her. Reminding her that she would float up with her vest on, telling her how fun it was etc. And the whole time my heart is beating so fast.  But I had to let her do it. All I could do was yell how proud I was and how great she was doing and on and on. All those things to help her overcome her fear and her risk…the whole time she was overcoming mine too.

Then she jumped. And she jumped again and again and it was such joy.

And for me, it was a picture of risk. As a mom, as a wife, as a friend, as a daughter…as anything in life. You have to jump in. You may need to stand there for a while and your knees might knock and you might chew your nails, but oh the joy when you hit the water.

Sending you lots of splashes today.

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