pattern/book review: Folklore bag from One Yard Wonders

One Yard Wonders: Folklore bag

This book, One Yard Wonders, is another book I’ve had on my bookshelf for a while. I made a dress a while back from it and was less than satisfied with the process (you can notice that from the not so nice words in the first line of my post!) But, I’ve been dying for a new purse for months and months and this one was the one I picked to try. It seemed simple enough and I’ve made enough bags lately that I thought if the instructions went a little hairy I had enough know-how to figure it out.

One Yard Wonders: Folklore bag WIP

The first error I encountered was with the pattern itself. The words on the pattern are printed upside down, so if you are using a fabric that has a one way up then you would be screwed if you didn’t notice it (thankfully I did…one of those rare occurrences where I didn’t cut something wrong way up!) or you could think to read through all the errata (of which there is a fair amount) prior to starting the pattern.

One Yard Wonders: Folklore bag

But to be honest, once I got past that initial issue with the pattern, it came together really quickly and easily. Until I reached the directions for attaching that top band. The book has you attach it by this wacko (and way too time consuming) pressing of 1/4 inch down and then top stitching it to the top. I opted to match up the right sides, stitch it and then top stitch (um…the normal way?) The only reason why I would think that the author suggested doing it their way was the preserve the curve. Oh well, maybe I’m just too lazy when I sew.

One Yard Wonders: Folklore bag

Despite my negative words, this is a great pattern and I would totally make another one of these bags. It came together really easily and I absolutely love the way it looks and carries. And in case you are wondering, the fabric is from my stash and I’m pretty sure it’s Alexander Henry. I have a fabric road trip in my near future so I’m in a big race to actually make something from all the yards I bought last year!

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