big dreams

I feel like I constantly come to this place and say over and again how amazed and overwhelmed I am.

give thanks embroidery on canvas

This embroidery pretty much sums it up.
Every month I sit down and do our budget.
Every Spring rolls around and I question the rationality of me continuing to build this business.
And every time I do it seems crazy.
But every time I do the budget we meet our needs.
Every time I start to think I need to find a “real” job the Spirit convicts me.
I hear the words
“trust me”,
“do not fear”
and “in all things He is good.”

Like this post I read this morning, I am reminded of all the ways I think we are lacking or will lack.
But when I look back at the past year; when I look back at even yesterday I see where He has done nothing short of supply more than our needs.

I feel like everywhere I look lately I see post after post reminding us as Believers to the realization that God longs deeply for us to follow our hearts. He longs for us to walk His path. And His path often times doesn’t make sense to anyone but us…and many times not even us!
He longs to fulfill our dreams and so often our dreams are tiny compared to how He will fulfill them.

There are so many things I don’t know as I walk through this day. There are so many things in the future that are unknown. The learning curve I’ve been on as I walk this path has been so crazy steep and fraught with so many fears and worries. Yet, the joy that I’ve felt as I’ve walked has been nothing short of amazing. I have walked through so many days overwhelmed with the list in front of me, yet also overjoyed at the gift that the Lord has given me. It’s a small piece, a small reminder, that He does give bountifully and richly and fully.

In His time and in His way.

I am living a God-sized dream.

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