years and years

I was laying in relaxation at the end of my yoga class today thinking about years.
Today I am thirty-eight years.
I laid there thinking of what a blessing those thirty-eight years are.
Those years are more than memories, more than days that I was allowed to wake up again.
They are an amazing passage of time full of such rich things.
Then I started thanking God for the almost sixteen years with my husband.
The almost ten years with my son and six with my daughter.
If I started thinking of friendships that I have…
there are so many people in my life that I have connections with that strand so many years back.
What an amazing blessing that the strand is still connected and going on.

I am easy to become overwhelmed with expectation which leads to frustration when those expectations aren’t met.
But today I am walking through with an intention to be at ease.
(can you tell I’ve been in yoga class;)
An intention to savor this day that numbers another year.
It numbers another year of grace.
Grace that I’ve been gifted with by the One who has graciously given me all these years.

One thought on “years and years

  1. Happy new year of life to you, sweet Daisy. Love your collection of sentiments here in this post. 38 years of grace. May you have many more at ease and intentionally lived.

    .mac 🙂

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