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master bathroom BEFORE

April 1, 2013

I’ve got a big project ready to go this week (well actually this month or maybe the next couple of months!). Our master bathroom has bugged me to no end since we moved into this house almost 3 years ago. But it’s been on the back burner for a while as I wanted to get so many other places painted first.


We have a pretty nice cabinet and countertop in there, but I’m not crazy about the natural color so I’m planning on painting it a glossy white-ish color. I’ve found a few good tutorials via Pinterest.


I have a budget of about $200 to get this job done. Pretty small, but for the most part I’m doing the biggest changes with paint.


The walls right now are this weirdo greenish-white-brown color and I’m planning on painting the bathroom a sort of neutral creamy color.


The floor is horrific. Sticky tiles stuck to lovely hardwood. Smart people. The plan is to paint the wood a brownish-grey. I’ve gone back and forth on trying out a stencil, but I think the room is too small. This is a scaled down version of what I would love to do the floors in our bedroom and what we hope to for sure do in the kitchen down the road.


The toilet is blue. Enough said. We are replacing it. This will be the bulk of our budget, but the blue toilet has to go. The tub is blue too, but alas there isn’t much we can do about that right now besides hiding it behind a shower curtain.


Speaking of shower curtain this cheapy one has to go and I am replacing it with this awesome crazy quilt top that my great aunt made. It’s amazing and it’s the reason why I’m going pretty neutral with this space.

My overall desire is to do sort of a vintage modern look. The shower curtain rod and the rod for the big window will be galvanized piping like this

Source: hometalk.com via aimee on Pinterest



And I plan on hanging a simple white tablecloth remnant or tea towels or even just some white muslin in the window. Something plain, but pretty.


I would love to make something like this to set on the counter

Source: flickr.com via aimee on Pinterest



And get some cool doorknobs for hanging towels on



We have this long angled wall in the corner that I would love to find a cool window to hang there



That’s about it for now. The plan this week is to finishing sanding all the spackled holes and get to painting the walls. Then I hope to clean and prime the cabinet doors so that by the next paycheck we can get some paint for the cabinet!

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