days of love {fishy valentines}


We have a tradition of making our own valentine’s and this was the year that I realized how perfect this holiday is for my gift oriented daughter. Actually my husband is the one who looked at her this weekend all excited about making her class valentine’s and realized that this is the perfect day for her. A week of creating things for her friends and a day of giving them all out. There are a million reasons why I need to pray daily for her husband, but it’s days like this that I realize how much I need to pray that God would be raising up a man that would see this in her and answer it.

I gave her a couple of options for Valentine’s that I had pinned.

with chalk…




swedish fish…





She loves swedish fish and hoping that she would get to eat some of them I think led her to choose that idea.

I bought a giant bag of swedish fish (walmart for ~$5)
a box of snack size baggies (food city $2)
and made my own printable based on this idea (you can download it here)

Fishy valentines 2013


She has had so much fun writing her name on the back, stuffing the baggies and sneaking a few fish every now and then (“this one doesn’t have a good tail, I can’t give that one to my friends!…”)

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