fmf {bare}

Five Minute Friday


I’ve not written in this space lately. It’s seemed that my heart, mind, thoughts and words have been sparse; leaving this space bare. My words have been few in my hand written journal too.
I’ve felt that sense of quiet that tends to come over at times. The need to step back and just let other words wash over me instead of always speaking my own words.

Words can tend to fill a space, that needs to remain bare.
A silence, although uncomfortable, that needs to take place.
For the words that might have been spoken to take root.
I’m learning what it means to remain silent, to let the words sink
while leading a group of women through a study filled with hard questions.
Poetic language that causes our minds that are so used to simple words to stop and think and make the visual from those picture words.
And questions, hard questions, that make us ponder and make us wonder and give us the opportunity to open our hearts up to the fear, anxiety or truth that sits within.

I continue to pray that the Spirit would fill that time. That in the quiet, in the uncomfortable bareness the room would be filled with Him.


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