14 days of love {day 7}


Today I’m sharing our Valentine gift to our kiddos. Last year we did a year of family adventures. We did pretty well overall, but I did pretty poor planning when it came to the family budget and these adventures. Some months it took us a few extra months to get the activity done and we still have 2 hanging on our fridge. That said, this year we decided to do a mix of individual and family dates.

Our kids are 9 and 6 and at the ages where they are more apt to have a good conversation with us if we are one on one versus as a whole family. I divided up the year and went back and forth between dates with my husband and I and then we have 4 family adventures thrown in there. When one date with a child had money involved I tried hard to make up a frugal or free date for the other one and then swap up as the year progressed. We’ll see how I did as this year goes through!

Valentines year of dates 2013

I printed out labels with distinct clip art, one for the boy and one for the girl. Then I went through and made little cards with the date written on it and whether it was with mom, dad or a family date. My mom had a huge stack of random little envelopes so I just used those and glued down the month labels on the outside and stuck the date cards inside. So this year they will each have a little envelope to open up the first of every month.


Valentines year of dates 2013

Now I’m trying to figure out what to store them in. I know Target has those little fun mailboxes so I may just go grab a couple of those or I might make little bags to hang somewhere in the kitchen where we won’t forget them.


Here are a few examples of our dates:

for the chick:
trip to coffeehouse, pedicures at home, ice cream date, tea party with dad, craft/sewing activity with mom, buy a plant at a nursery and bring it home and plant it, bake holiday treats

for the boy:
trip to coffeehouse, batting cages with dad, fishing, woodworking project with dad, bake a fancy cake with mom, visit to a local museum

for the family:
chocolate fondue night, family water gun fight, day of giant blanket forts, children’s choice holiday activity

If you are interested in a pdf version of my templates, please email me and I’ll be happy to send you a copy.

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