14 days of love {day 6}


Today I’m sharing my valentine for my Valentine 🙂
One goal my husband and I have (and are seriously failing at) is going out on dates or even just connecting at night after the kiddos go to bed. I’ve seen lots of different ideas like this posted around the web and pinned on Pinterest. I sort of combined a couple of different ideas and made up my own.

valentine dates 2013

I decided to make 12 cards for 12 months. The idea being that we open one up the first day of each month. They aren’t labeled by month, but sorted by cost. The envelope clip art is for dates that are less than $5 and the clip art with the couple are more than $10 dates and/or require some planning and/or babysitting.

valentine dates 2013

After I folded them up and taped them closed, I put them all in my little silver mailbox waiting to give on the 14th!

Here’s a sample of some of our date ideas…
make milkshakes at home
rent a movie
play a game of cards
plan and do a practical joke on the kids
make ice cream sundaes
play video games
order take out and eat by candlelight
bed and breakfast (either go to one, or get a sitter and stay home with a special breakfast out the next morning)
dinner and a movie
dessert only date
fondue night
golf range or batting cages (my one token man date!)

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