New Year, New/Old Mixed Media with Stitches Contest Entry

I’ve been busily stitching away the last few weeks on my entry into this awesome embroidery contest. One of my goals this year is the really participate more in online embroidery stuff. There is an amazing community of embroiderers out there and it’s been so fun to “meet” so many of them.

Vintage embroidery contest 2014

The contest had three different entry options and I chose the one where you had to embroider but also add some mixed media elements. The other rule was that you had to use a vintage embroidery pattern.

Vintage embroidery contest 2014

I made the little book out of some cardstock and vellum paper. I used a sewing machine to stitch the binding and then hand embroidered the book to the actual embroidery. The felt heart was stitched down with some lace behind it. The little shoes are actually a jewelry charm.

Vintage embroidery contest 2014

The baseball was a button actually in my stash (crazy) and I’m totally in love with the field of beaded flowers and the house is probably my favorite of all. The trees were stitched pretty much by sight and were one of those things that I hated them while I was stitching them, but once they were all done I loved them. I had hoped to originally make a thatch roof on the house with some wood, but it didn’t work out. Oh well.

Vintage embroidery contest 2014

I stitched the little doll onto some muslin backed with felt which gave it a stiffness. She is also one my favorites!

Vintage pattern contest entry 2013

The flowers are from the wedding section at Hobby Lobby and I made the little flower holder with some scrap white cotton and stitched some lace across the top and stitched it together.

Vintage embroidery contest 2014

Overall I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to see if I win!!!

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