riding a wave

Our community group has been going through a DVD study by Francis Chan. The man apparently loves to surf, so he always throws in a good surfing illustration. When we were re-watching the video last night his illustration really made me stop and think.

When a group of people go out to surf they can’t stand on the beach and raise their hands up and call up a wave. They have to go out into the ocean, look for the wave and then ride it. I hate to be out further than my chest in the ocean so the idea of riding a surfboard on a wave pretty much freaks me out. But what stopped me in my thoughts last night, wasn’t the issue of fears, but the issue of control and letting go.

I’m a list person and I’m a planner. I know I can’t really control my life, but I can at least be prepared.
If this surfer were me, I would make a list of what I need to bring with me to the beach. I would make sure I had a great group of friends to go with me. I would watch the weather and tides forecast to make sure we picked the best day. I would make sure we had snacks and towels and everything else we might need. I might even watch some videos or read a book or talk to a friend to make sure that I knew how to get on the surfboard. Heck, we might even go to a pool and practice paddling out and trying to stand up.
I would basically do everything in my power to get ready to ride that wave…except actually ride it.
I would probably convince myself how much fun this was going to be and how much fun it was preparing for it.
Yet, like so often in my life, I would be missing out on the joy.

I’m sure there is nothing like climbing onto a surf board and riding uninhibited on a wave. Something of such amazing power, lifting you up and carrying you on this wild ride. I guess the closest I could think of would be riding a roller coaster. A roller coaster really isn’t fun until you get on it and lift. up. your. hands.

To steal from Ann Voskamp, we can’t live a life with our hands clenched.
To experience full joy,
to experience that freedom,
we have to open our hands up.
We have to get off the beach, paddle out into the ocean and ride the wave.
Trusting in Him completely to get us where we need to go.
And when we do let go; when we do offer up to Him open hands, can you imagine what it can do to a life?
We begin to experience life lived in the center of His will.
Not mine.

Writing along with many others for five minutes on a word prompted by the gypsy mama.
Today’s word was DIVE

Five Minute Friday

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