my heart sings

Yesterday in church we sang the song Forever Reign by Hillsong. I love this song because of it’s simplicity and I’ve heard it and sung it a million times; yet yesterday was so different for me.

heart tree

When we got to the line “my heart will sing no other name…Jesus” I was hit with the question: “is that true?” And I thought, no it’s not. My heart doesn’t just sing Jesus.

My heart sings so many other things rather than Jesus.
And in my desire to be unrelenting, never ceasing, this year.
I choose to clear out all the other hums, songs, lyrics etc that are filling up my heart and enticing me away from singing His name.
I choose to stand confident in His love for me and run into His arms and into the riches that He provides.

One of the ways I choose to change the song of my heart is through counting blessings. I long to develop this as more than a habit and more than a Monday thing. I want it to be my constant.
That in counting my blessings my heart would sing Jesus

3 graces from people I love
morning coffee with my love
holding a sweet girl waking up in the morning (even though she doesn’t wake up so sweet!)
moments on the phone with a friend

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