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It’s Friday which means this should be a fantastic friday post, but alas it isn’t. I’m in a funk and crazy busy and feeling like doing everything out of the ordinary. So I thought I would share a few things I’ve been working on lately while this spot has been silent.

I’ve started pulling out all the holiday decorations and after nearly 15 years of the same decorations I’m feeling the urge to change things up. First up our bannister. I’m beyond tired of the fake evergreen garland so that was the first thing to purge. This left me with trying to figure out how to decorate my hideous bannister and staircase (on the 2013 to do list is replacing the said banister which wiggles like Jello and redoing the stair risers). I digress. I’ve pinned lots and lots of options on Pinterest and finally I had my eyes on this knit garland I saw online at Target. I pictured this garland with some fun fabric in embroidery hoops. Unfortunately for me, the “only available in stores” did not include my store so I couldn’t find it. “Hmmm….” I said to myself as I wandered through the decorations… “what else can I use?” Now, here is the thing. I am not a tinsel girl at all. My daughter will scream in delight when she sees what I chose, but normally this is not my M.O. But I saw this sort of muted, brassy looking tinsel garland and I loved it. I grabbed a box of the matching gold oranments sets (totalling $11 for both) and set home to see what damage I could do.

staircase 2012

Here is the result and I do like it. I think next year with a new bannister (think white and black/brown) this will look even more stunning.


I visited a little 50-60s vintage store last weekend with my kiddos and stumbled upon these awesome angels. I swear we had something like this growing up. They are from Japan and I absolutely love them. I’m still not sure where they are going to end up in our house yet.

2012 holiday splurge

But for now, they are on the shelves above our bay windows (and how about that awful crown molding…yet another to do. whew)


The last is a two part project. I saw this felt wreath on Pinterest a while back and knew that with all the felt scraps laying around my house I could easily pull this project with merely the cost of the wreath. Project one was a smaller candy cane inspired wreath for the back door. With a little snipping, some straight pins (yep…even too lazy to pull out the glue gun) and some ribbon I had stashed downstairs…voila!

felt candy cane wreath 2012

A candy cane inspired wreath! It was super simple to make.

felt candy cane wreath 2012

I merely cut up some strips of red and white felt. Used the pinking shears on one end and layered them all around a foam wreath I found at Michael’s for around $3-4. I used straight pins in the back to attach the felt to the wreath and then made a simple bow, used a straight pin to attach it and called it done.  An episode of The Office and Parks and Rec and I was done!

The plan for the front door wreath is to wrap it entirely in red felt and then make some red and white felt flowers to put along one side. And speaking of the front door….wait for that big reveal sometime next week. The front of our house is all painted. A new mailbox is up (surely someone can’t love a mailbox too much?) and I’m almost done with the decorations. I can’t wait to share the big before and after from last year to this. It’s crazy awesome.

How is your holiday decorating going?

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