fantastic friday {nov 2}

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Hello friends! Whew, after 31 days of embroidery we are finally back to regular programming. If you followed along with my stitches I hope you learned something. I sure did! Now I need to come up with the perfect embroidery that might encompass all the cool stitches I learned!

If you are new to following this little space, on Fridays I recap some great finds from around the web that fit into these random little categories that I created that spell out the word “fantastic” because I love that word. It just rolls off your tongue. So here we go!!

great FABRIC: Fall quilt market is over and True Up has started posting all their awesome findings. If you want to see what’s up and coming in the world of textiles in the next few months head on over there and follow along!

to whet your APPETITE: pumpkins & apples? can’t go wrong there!

be NEAT (as in organized): I’m on a mission to greatly reduce our grocery budget without being one of coupon fanatics that stocks up their house with 12 boxes of hamburger helper! Here is a great site with some good ideas (albeit many of her recipies I would alter) and I love this grocery list printable on a fun little clipboard!

a TUTORIAL to do: It’s going to be another American Girl birthday and Christmas in this house for my chick and I’m desperately searching the web for ideas of things to make vs. buy. This is a great cloak made from a santa hat, we are using this tutorial to make her a bunk bed and I also plan on trying to make one of these fitted sheets for the bed too.

becoming more AWARE: I just finished reading this book. I’ve mentioned it here before, but you need to read it. It will change your life.

something to SEW: I totally am in love with this raincoat by Oliver + S. Well actually I’m always in love with Oliver + S, but this raincoat is totally cute.

to TRIM my house with: Love this Fall front door and stoop.

ILLUSTRATION to stitch: This is my new favorite quote and I know just the person I should stitch it up for.

CUTE: This blog, ollibird, is pretty awesome and if I had a color printer I would print these asap. Totally cute.


Have a happy weekend!!!

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