blessings and prosperity

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be “blessed”.
Our God promises us blessings and He does bless us.
The issue is our sinful human hearts and minds that create this idea of what a blessing is.

In my business, I always sign off on emails, my thank you notes to clients etc with the words “many blessings” and I’ve started asking myself “what do I mean by that?” Do I mean that they would be overflowing with goods and ease of life? Do I mean that their event they are planning would go well or the hurricane heading their way wouldn’t touch them?

It hit me yesterday that the blessings promised by God do not equal prosperity. When the Lord promises to bless me, it doesn’t me He is promising me any type of worldly security. He is only promising me that He will provide all my needs – not my wants or thought needs – but those things that He knows I need.

Francis Chan writes “we forget that we already have everything we need in Him.” But the problem is I don’t really believe and find security in that. When my worldly prosperity shrinks. When there isn’t enough money, when the heater breaks, when the cupboards are bare the first thought in my head is not that I have everything in Him.
But I have an abundance.
I may not feel like it, but my life is FULL.

It’s the question of where am I finding refuge? Or in what am I finding refuge? Chan again reminds me “we like finding refuge in what we already have rather than in what we hope God will provide.”

But what kind of story would that be if God always gave me what I thought I needed or wanted? What kind of change would that emit in me if He really was like a genie in a lamp? When I feel like He is heaping things on me. When I feel like He is silent. When I feel like even my needs aren’t being met, He isn’t being silent. He isn’t ignoring me.
He is writing a greater story…His story.
He is exposing my sin of greed, lack of faith, lack of trust
He is exposing my heart that loves security in prosperity.

The truth is, He wants and longs to be bigger than my prayers.

I am called to be a living sacrifice.
Daily I have to offer myself on that alter.
I have to put to death the parts of me that longs for anything other than Him.
I have to put to death the part of me that thinks I know my needs better than Him.
I have to put to death the idea that I have a right to know how to live my life.

But in that death, there is life.
In the death of me, there is a fullness that comes.
And a prosperity of the Spirit.

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