31 days of embroidery {couched circles}

This is yet another stitch that looks really awesome when it is done, but is pretty simple to execute. I really think it’s the first few stitches that make this kind of complicated, but once you get going it’s easy peasy. This would be so awesome on a purse or a bag. I also think it would be cool on an embroidered tee or even a dress or skirt of some sort.

Here is a great example of couched circles on a pincusion by barefootshepherdess

Circles & Dots Pincushion



And here is how it goes!

couched circle1
Just like regular couching, you will need two different threads. I have used a pearl floss as the one I am stitching (or couching) down with regular embroidery floss (3 strands). Go ahead and stitch down the end of your pearl floss (or yarn) and start to bend your thread into a circle.

couched circle 2
Keep winding your thread around and stitching down every so often. The trick is to stitch from the outside into the middle. This helps you wind your thread in. Your stitches will be pretty close together in the center, but as you circle out they will become a little further apart.

couched circle 3
Just keep winding until you get to the width of a circle that you desire.

couched circle complete
And there you go! A perfectly couched circle!

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