31 days of embroidery {satin stitch}

So, terribly sorry my friends for leaving you hanging these last few days. I’ve been the single parent this weekend as my husband has been out of town (kudos to all you people who do this all the time!) and we’ve been crazy busy. From chasing butterflies in the mountains to visiting with grandparents, I haven’t had a moment to sit down and do much of anything; much less embroider and blog! But….I’m determined to get caught up today!

We will start with the satin stitch. I will admit this is one stitch I’m still learning and struggle with. It seems I can start out strong, but them screw up about half way through.

This dog was one of the first things I tried to do a satin stitch on and it turned out horrible!


I do know now that you can’t do a satin stitch successfully with stitches this long! Nowadays I would have done his ear with a brick stitch or something along those lines.

Now you want to see some amazing satin stitches? Look at this beauty I found on flickr by Lin Moon…Amazing!

satin stitch

I also just love this necklace of India I pinned a while ago

Source: tumblr.com via aimee on Pinterest



And my friend just recently introduced me to these awesome embroidered Vans…how cool is this?




Ok…so now that you see all the things you can do with this stitch. Let’s learn how to do it…

satin stitch 1
Honestly it’s pretty easy…step one you bring your needle up and then bring it back down and through to where you brought it up at stitch number one.


satin stitch 2
Keep on doing that stitch, making sure to keep your stitches SUPER close together. And then when you want to do the other side of the leaf, start down at the bottom and start all over again. Bring your needle up, then through and back to where you started.


satin stitch complete

And there you go…a SATIN STITCH.

Here is a link to video directions.

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