31 days of embroidery {lazy daisy}

The lazy daisy is an awesome little stitch that you can use on so many different things. If you can do a chain stitch, then you have pretty much learned how to do this little flower.

This tshirt is one of the first times I ever used a lazy daisy and don’t you know I got pretty good at it by the time I was done!

Feb Stitch Along: Finished!


I also used it on this mexican tea towel

mexican boy towel



So here’s how to do it!

lazy daisy 1
First you need to bring your needle up then put it back in where you just came up and then through as long as you want your petal to be. Then wrap your thread under your needle to make a loop.


lazy daisy 3
Pull the thread through and then seal the stitch off by making a tiny stitch at the end of the loop. Repeat the process all the way around as many petals as you want!


lazy daisy complete


Here’s a video link to follow if you do better with video instructions!

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