31 days of embroidery {brick stitch}

Ah, the brick stitch is one of my favorites.  I think it’s the coolest stitch, you can easily hide your mistakes and there are so many different things you can do with it.

I’ve pretty much used this stitch for making cool shirts on embroideries. First I used it to make the coat of a wild thing

max and wild thing close up

and then I used it again for my little gnome dude

July Stitch Along

which found himself finally planted onto the outside of a bag!

purse (or is it a bag) from bend the rules sewing


So here’s how to do it!

brick stitch 1
First you are going to make a short vertical backsitch.


brick stitch 2
Then you make another vertical backstitch about twice as long as the first one.


brick stitch 3
Keep going all the way across your line…short, long, short long and very close together!


brick stitch 4
Then, I like to use a different color, but you could totally keep using the same color. Do the same thing, a short and then long backstitch but this time you are going to bring them up to meet the bottom of the last row you just finished. Basically you are just filling in the holes.


brick stitch 5

brick stitch complete
Just keep repeating that process line by line until you have filled in your area. And there you go!

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