I finally finished my first Christmas embroidery for this year. I really love how it turned out! The idea for this tree came from a clip art image I had seen. It was a tree made of swirlies with some little dots here and there on it.

holiday WIP (scroll tree)

I started out drawing a triangle shape and then just started filling in that triangle with different size swirls. Then I picked out some different floss colors (shades of green) and decided to do each shade with a different stitch.

Scroll tree WIP

This gives the embroidery a little more depth as the stitches are different textures. Then I knew I had a good use for my giant jars of vintage buttons…ornaments!

scroll tree 2012

And there you have it! The perfect, one of a kind embroidery to add to your holiday decorations! It’s waiting for a new home in the shop!

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