31 days of embroidery {sheaf stitch}

Today is another simple, yet stunning sort of stitch. I’ve never really taken the time to learn all these little stitches, so I thought these last few days of my 31 day challenge I might focus on some of the lesser known smaller stitches.

I found such a lovely example of this stitch used as a border by big B on flickr. Isn’t it  just stunning? If you follow this link you can see a sampler by the floss box where she used different colored threads to make this stitch even more amazing.


Like I mentioned this is a super easy stitch to do so let’s get started:

sheaf stitch 1
First make a vertical back stitch going up.


sheaf stitch2
Make a second vertical backstitch right next to your last stitch.


sheaf stitch3
Then when you bring your needle back up after that last stitch, bring it back through the fabric in the middle of the last two stitches. Again very close to your last stitches.


sheaf stitch4
Then slide your needle under the 3 stitches without going through the fabric, bringing the stitches together like a sheaf of grain. Do this two times and then bring your needle back through to finish the stitch.


sheaf stitch

In playing around with this, I did figure that the longer your stitches the greater the effect when they are pulled together. I also think the color of thread you use might make a big difference too in how visible this stitch is. And obviously using a coordinating thread as the middle would make a stark difference.

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