31 days of embroidery {seed stitch}

There are many times in life when the simplest thing makes the biggest kind of difference. The same goes for embroidery. Sometimes the simplest and smallest stitch can be the thing that truly makes an embroidery look amazing. That is case with the seed stitch. It is a super easy stitch, but can be used for so many different effects!

I found one great example by digitalmisfit called Sadie Skunk. She used the seed stitch to make the effect of fur on her cute little skunk!

Here is another example of what you can do with the seed stitch. sarahbest on flickr used it to make waves on her amazing coney island embroidery banner.



So here’s how simple it is!

seeding stitch 1
Make one backstitch.


seeding stitch 2
Make another backstitch under it (or just leave it as one backstitch)


seeding stitches complete
And there you go! Super simple! Just make sure not to make your stitches even. That is what makes the effect so great.

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