31 days of embroidery {buttonhole wheels}

This is a super stitch that looks really fancy and difficult and yet is super simple! I found a couple great examples of this stitch. The first was by dytay on flickr

and another great example by the ever amazing Mary Corbet

This is a perfect example of how you can change a stitch so much just by how close or far apart you put the stitches!

So let’s get started!

Here is a link to video directions

and here are my photo directions!

buttonhole wheel 1

I strongly encourage you to use your transfer pen to make two circles. The outside being how big you want your wheel and the inside being…the inside! Then you bring your needle up on the center circle, then bring your needle from the outside circle to the inside circle, looping your thread under your needle. Essentially that same as a buttonhole stitch.

buttonhole wheel 2

Repeat that all the way around, making your inside needle match up pretty much next to the last stitch.

buttonhole wheel 3

It makes this lovely little twisted stitch around the inside circle!

buttonhole wheel complete

And there it is all complete!

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