31 days of embroidery {review day}

Happy Saturday!

Today is a review day. We’ve covered 19 different stitches so far and have about 10 days left in the month! There are still some great ones to come.

Until tomorrow, here is a picture of all the stitches we have covered so far. The numbers after the name correspond to what day I introduced that stitch.


Day 1: intro
Day 2: stem stitch
Day 3: back stitch
Day 4: whipped and threaded back stitch
Day 5: split stitch
Day 6: chevron stitch
Day 7: chain stitch
Day 8: heavy chain stitch
Day 9: zigzag chain stitch
Day 10: twisted chain stitch
Day 11: REVIEW of stitches 1-10
Day 12: coral stitch
Day 13: scroll stitch
Day 14: feathered chain stitch
Day 15: ermine stitch
Day 16: french knot
Day 17: rope stitch
Day 18: two-color chain stitch
Day 19: blanket stitch

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