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tooth fairy box

October 19, 2012

I so hate to admit it, but the time has finally come for my baby to begin losing her first tooth. She has a pretty wiggling one and has been super concerned about having a tooth box like her brother.
Realizing that I’m not going to make it to the special toy store that has the special tooth boxes, I decided to just make her one. While on a Michael’s run this past week, I gathered up the supplies to make a little box just for her.


Here’s the rundown on cost:
3 sheets of scrap book paper (on sale at Michael’s for 99 cents each…yes even the glitter stuff)
bling on a roll (4.99 @ Michael’s minus a 40% off coupon)
little cardboard box (99 cents at Michael’s)
tracing of a tooth
martha stewart mod podge stuff (no idea…had it for a while)


I cut out the paper to fit and used the martha glue (which is ok, but’s not the “real” thing for sure) to stick it on.

tooth fairy box

After the glue was a little dry, I painted some glue to seal it all around the outside. While I waited for it to dry completely, I worked on a little satin pillow for the inside.

tooth fairy box

This was some scrap fabric I had laying around and I just cut a circle wider than the outside of the box, stitched it, stuffed it and then added a little stitch in the middle to make that special spot for her tooth to lay.

tooth fairy box

On the top, I cut out an outline of a tooth (which apparently looks more like a bunny according to the oh so wise 5 year old chick) and glued that down. I did not add any glue to the top to seal it because I thought it might mess up the glitter.

tooth fairy box

So there you have it! One little tooth box ready and waiting for a visit from the tooth fairy. All less than $5 to make!

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