fmf {look}

Five Minute Friday

Five minutes
One word
zero edits or worries or anything
just words
join in
the word is {LOOK}


I’m stumped.
Look, not sure what to write.
I’ve struggled all my life with wanting to be seen.
But look evades me.
I guess while I long to be seen,
I don’t really look.
I tend to keep my head down, trudging forward
and then “bam!” my kids are 5 and 9
I’ve been married for almost 16 years
and have I really seen my life?
I don’t want to spend my days with my head down
I want it up, held high
and seeing
Seeing my daughter playing in the backyard, lost in some imaginary land picking pine cones
and I want to see that and savor it.
Stick it in the front of my mind and remember it.
I want to see my son walking through the school carnival with his 3 buddies.
The confidence and comfort from walking with good friends.
I want to see it and savor it.
I want to see my husband, talking and meeting new people at church.
The way he eases people into conversation.
I want to do more than just look at my life
I want to see it and I don’t want to miss a thing.


5 thoughts on “fmf {look}

  1. Love your words…kind of remind me of Ann VosKamp’s style. : ) From my vantage, let me encourage you to enjoy “looking” at and savoring all your moments in this season. From the season ahead of you…

  2. oh yes…I think when we want to be seen so badly…it blinds us from seeing outside ourselves…but yes…looking upward…looking outward…to see all around us…to drink in the moments…and treasure them in our hearts~

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