emerson tunic tutorial review

Here lately I feel like my personal sewing has really gone by the wayside as life has overtaken me. Any time I spend down in the basement studio is spent on etsy projects and while that is good and I’m beyond grateful for it, I feel like creatively I’m not being stretched.
Therefore I have instigated a Wednesday and Sunday creative space. I volunteer at my kiddos school on Wednesday mornings, which gives me about 2 hours in the afternoon when I’m done before I have to pick them up. Instead of letting that time be spent idling with so many other goofy things, spent working on my shop or even just home management stuff I’m holding myself to using this time to work on all those projects I have stacked up and unfinished in the studio.

First up was this tutorial by luvinthemommyhood. I saw this emerson tunic on Pinterest a while back and I’ve had this adorable doggie fabric for at least a year. I felt like this would be a great fun yard to use for this little shirt. A little bit of purple flower scrap fabric for the casings and voila…a new shirt. (that my daughter refuses to wear…Lord help me when she is 13, therefore it’s been lovingly given off to another sweet friend’s little chickadee).

emerson tunic

I did alter a couple of things from the tutorial. I decided to trim out the sleeves with the corresponding bias trim used on the neckline.  I didn’t do the strip of buttons down the back, partly due to time (and laziness) and partly due to the fact that I knew it would bother my daughter (which became a mute point because she won’t wear it anyway).

emerson tunic close up

For the neckline, I ended up just making some bias trim and sending some tiny elastic in through it for the casing.

Overall, this is a super cute and easy pattern. I will admit the directions weren’t all that easy to follow and there were a few things I just had to figure out (such as how to do the sleeves which I figured out I did wrong when they disappeared up the side hem!). But if you have a sewing background at all, this is a pretty easy pattern to whip up in a couple of hours that lends itself to do many different variations.

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